We understand that first impressions matter – especially in the visually saturated world we live in. With our thorough brand design process, we create intentional brands to ensure that the face of your company stands out against the crowd, making your first impression a memorable and lasting one.



First and foremost, we want to get to know you and understand who you are as a company. What are your company’s goals and values? Who is your company’s audience, competition? How do you plan to reach your target audience? By having an in-depth conversation, we will get to know the heart of your company which in turn gives us the direction we need to develop a brand that visually tells your story in a unique and compelling way, setting you apart from your competition and successfully speaks to your target audience.


We provide you with a primary logo design, 2-3 secondary logo submarks to allow for flexibility on different visual platforms, custom color palette, brand font family(s), & illustration/pattern design to complete your brand identity.


You'll select two collateral pieces you’d like to use with your new branding. This can range from social media assets, to printed stationery, to marketing materials. Your choice!



A brand style guide is the visual DNA of your company’s branding. To help keep your brand consistent across all spectrums, we create a PDF document that defines and gives examples of your brand elements and how they should be applied across marketing materials.


We make it a priority to develop trust and friendship as we work together. We hope our relationship continues after your brand design package is complete. We are here for you beyond this initial step if you have questions, further design needs, or any advice that concerns your brand.


We understand that your brand may need more than just a logo and collateral. We offer other services such as print design (brochures, flyers, posters, apparel, etc.), package design, web design and photography services to further develop your brand’s visual story. *Price per project basis. Please contact to inquire.





With 10 years of professional experience, Ivywild Design Co. has streamlined their design process, fine- tuned their eye for design, are up-to-date with current trends while staying innovative and ahead of the curve, and developed client relationship skills providing an overall positive experience as we work together. We make the process easy, fun and exciting while also providing a brand design package that is effective, captures the essence of who you are as a company and speaks to your target audience.